Our Services

Domestic Relocation

We can help pet parents relocate their pets between major cities in India by air, either on airport to airport basis or on door to door basis.

International Relocation

We can help pet parents relocate their pets to any part of the world. We also help with pets relocating to India from any where in the world

Gound Transportation

We arrange air-con vehicles for transportation of your pets between your residence and Animal Quarantine office/Airport & Cargo complex at most affordable cost.


We have been working with most of the renowned Veterinary hospitals and Boarding houses, in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad and can suggest a reliable veterinary doctor or a boarding facility.

Blood Test

Blood test reports are mandatory in many countries. We provide an end to end service from collection of blood samples to coordination with labs & vets through to the final report.

Pet Friendly Hotels

We have a host of pet friendly hotels and we can arrange accommodation for you and for your pet in any of those hotel.

Pet relocation basically means transporting pets from one state to another, or one country to another. This service is taken when a pet parent is shifting his / her base because of job change or any other situation so to speak. This service is also used for other cases such as performing in dog shows. International Pet and Animal Transportation Association is the global industry body for pet relocation.

Relocating your pet across the country if the pet parent is moving their base for the new job opportunity, studies or home. Whatever be the reason, ZUZU pet relocation services to any part of the country. Our expert pet relocation team makes sure that your four-legged family member is transported safe and sound by curtailing all the hassle for you and your pet. In addition to that, we look after all the necessary certificates that stand in need of to free your pet of any health concerns.

Relocating from one place to another is not at all easy, especially when you have a pooch to take care of. Zuzu Pet Relocation understand how difficult it is to leave a family member behind and that is why we care about not just their safety, but also put a lot of emphasis on the timely and safe arrival. Relocating pets within borders is an exasperating task, as it involves a great deal of documentation which needs to be vetted and submitted, also being mindful of all the prohibitions. That is all the more reason that pet parents need to be careful while choosing the best pet transportation services and ensure hassle-free transportation of their pet.

Both the exporter and importer are responsible for ensuring compliance with local and international laws regarding live animal import and export. Non-compliance can result in legal and financial consequences, such as fines, shipment delays, and even criminal charges. It is important to work with reputable and knowledgeable parties to ensure compliance and minimize the risk of non-compliance.

Animals are typically screened for disease or infection prior to export or import through various methods, such as physical examination, laboratory tests, and quarantine periods. In the event of an outbreak or incident during transit, the animals may be isolated or treated, and the appropriate authorities will be notified to manage the situation.